Our Story

We believe the energy, water, and infrastructure workforces are mission critical to our future. ​

Julius delivers leading employee engagement solutions to attract, develop, and retain talent for companies, associations, utilities. ​

Energy  |  ​Water & Wastewater  |  Frontline Workforce​

Our impact is to provide economic advancement for millions of current and potential infrastructure workers, while addressing the workforce demands of employers to up-skill and serve the needs of their communities.

Those who serve in the infrastructure community are part of a vital profession going back thousands of years. In honor of that legacy, we derive our name from Sextus Julius Frontinus (35-103 AD), the public servant, military general, and innovator who was appointed by the emperor to head Rome’s water commission. He led pioneering initiatives to improve the city’s nine critical but aging aqueducts, as well as his workforce.


Julius is proud of its diverse and innovative team, made up of industry experts, educators, and technologists.
Together we deliver mission critical skills for mission critical people.


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Daniel Goldsmith

Managing Principal
SVP, Pearson – Analytics and AI
Researcher, MIT Sloan School of Management

Matthew Evans

Managing Principal
SVP, Pearson – Online Learning Services
Co-founder, Imagine H2O, water accelerator

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